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How can the Multicultural Center help you?

The Multicultural Center at South Dakota State University is a resource available for all students, faculty and staff that welcomes diversity and demonstrates multiculturalism.


Located on the upper level of the University Student Union, students have access to academic, disability, diversity and support services. This space includes areas for cultural programs, personal support, a multicultural resource library and social and educational activities.


“The Multicultural Center is a place where all students can broaden their cultural and educational experiences,” said Kas Williams, chief diversity officer. “It is one of the many places on campus where you can celebrate culture and diversity.”


The Multicultural Center also works with student organizations like the Black Student Alliance, Latin American Student Association and the Gender & Sexualities Alliance to host events on campus that can help create a fun and welcoming environment while also creating the opportunity for conversation and understanding.


“We hope for engaging conversations within the facility itself but also around the many programs, speakers and presentations we host,” said Alex Wood, retention adviser for African American programs. “The ability for people to speak freely and engage openly will always be the aim of the physical space as we cannot learn without the exchange of ideas, opinions and thoughts.”


So, what can the Multicultural Center do for you?


The center’s resources can be easily accessed, either through the services or the staff.


“Whether it is a personal or academic concern, we are here to support students and connect them with resources in and outside of our office,” said Wood. “We can help provide a cultural or identity connection for students seeking to engage with others, learn more about cultures and identities and to spread awareness of their own culture and identity.”


A variety of helpful resources, both academically and culturally, await you at the Multicultural Center. For more information, be sure to visit https://www.sdstate.edu/multicultural-center.