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4 Experiential Learning Opportunities at SDState

With hands–on learning, you get to learn by doing. You can directly apply the knowledge you gain to skills used in your future career.

Here are a few or several experiential learning opportunities at SDState:

Citizens’ First Responder Academy

Through sessions over the course of three months, students can learn about the Brookings Police Department, Brookings County Sheriff’s Office, Brookings Fire Department, South Dakota Highway Patrol, the University Police Department, South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations and others. Knowledge and instruction on cops, courts and medical responses are shared. The academy best fits with sociology majors and minors as well as criminal justice minors.



Yeager Media Center

Learn what it is like to work, produce and operate a television studio through the Yeager Media Center. The state-of-the-art control room, cameras, virtual studio and green screen cyclorama teach students the latest and greatest in television. Students in the School of Communication and Journalism most commonly use the studio in class to produce various projects.



Ever wanted to be in control of an airplane? Learn how to fly single- and multi-engine planes and earn flight hours to try to become a commercial pilot certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. SDState has its own hangar at the Brookings Airport complete with planes and an aviation simulator for students. Looking to teach? Earn an education specialization along with an aviation degree to become a certified flight instructor.


Precision Agriculture

In one of the newest programs at SDState, work hands-on with farm equipment, satellite imagery, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and the newest high-tech tools used in agriculture. A combination of agronomy, data science and agricultural engineering creates this major, allowing students to observe all sides of agriculture’s grand challenges. Currently, there is indoor space to work with equipment in the agriculture engineering building. Look for more opportunities when the Raven Precision Agriculture Center is completed in 2021.