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feature image of Rabbit Food article

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5 Things Jackrabbits Do Best

South Dakota State University is full of tradition. We enjoy coming together as Jackrabbits to celebrate the campus community through these traditions and other offerings we have here at SDState.

Here are a few examples of what Jackrabbits do best:

Celebrate being a Hobo

Who has a huge parade and a week of celebration of being a hobo? SDState does! Dating back to the early 1900s, Hobo Day is a homecoming tradition that SDState is known for. Dressing up as a hobo, wearing lots of vintage buttons to class, and refraining from shaving for a month has become a normal sight on campus come Hobo Week.


Tout our friendly community

Even though Brookings may not be the biggest city, our students and alums still invite friends to Brookings to rally together for athletic games, community events and concerts. Brookings is not only one of the safest college towns in the United States, but our university also provides South Dakota’s most comprehensive range of academic offerings.


Climbing the Coughlin Campanile

Climbing the Campanile should be on every Jackrabbit's college bucket list. There are 180 steps to conquer to get to the top, but the view from up there is definitely worth it.


Taking photos with Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack the Jackrabbit is the star at any SDState event. Every loyal Jackrabbit fan has taken a photo with him, and it is probably one of the best photos in their collection.


Making ice cream

Grabbing a scoop of SDSU ice cream is a must-do for Jackrabbit students and alums. Our students are tasked with manufacturing that famous Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream (and more than 60 other flavors). Ice cream from the SDSU Dairy Bar has even been named as one of the best ice cream treats in the state by Food Network Magazine.