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6 SDSU Courses You May Not Know About

When it comes to registering for classes, you may find a few titles in the course catalog you didn't realize existed—and they may even strike your educational interest.

Here are just a handful of the unique courses that SDSU offers its students.

Animation Foundations

Ever wonder what it would take to work for a company like Pixar Animation Studios or a visual effects house? A course offered through SDSU's School of Design, this studio class offers up an introduction to the beginning techniques for animating and sequential imagery. Learn about telling a story through graphics (think storyboarding) with traditional, cel-style animation, working with human figures, image editing and even stop-motion animation (think Nightmare Before Christmas). The course requires a prerequisite of Drawing I and is a truly unique entry in the SDSU course catalog.

Light and Color and Lab

You've probably decked out your college residence hall room, apartment or house in a certain color palette—but did you know there's actually a science to selecting the best color scheme for a given living space? Enter Light and Color and Lab—a course that's part of the interior design program at SDSU that teaches students how light and color affect your living environments and your well-being. You'll even get some insight into how lighting design can impact building systems and controls!

Work Family Interface

Once you leave SDSU, you may go on to a full-time career, starting a family or opening a business (or all of the above). Human busyness is a fact of life—but SDSU's Work Family Interface class actually digs into the theories behind resource management. How do humans use their time and resources to balance work efficiency and social interactions? And how does it promote people's well-being in their daily lives? This elective requires a prerequisite of English Composition II. 

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Plans and Specifications

There's a lot of thought that goes into all of the inner-workings behind the walls, floors and ceilings of a building. If you have an interest in what makes a building tick—from basic functions to elaborate electrical controls to protective systems to HVAC and plumbing, this course takes students through modeling and blueprinting, as well as construction project phases, as part of the construction management program at SDSU. 

Animal Diversity and Lab

If you're an animal person, you might find it interesting to learn about wildlife and how it functions throughout Earth's varied ecosystems. Animal Diversity and Lab walks you through the investigative process of examining the animal kingdom, including its diverse species, how environment impacts life and how generational reproduction affects long-term success of a given species. The course has prerequisites of a couple of entry-level biology courses. 

Drugs and Behavior

We've all heard about the perils of drug and alcohol abuse—Drugs and Behavior takes a deeper dive into why people use these substances and the psychology behind it. The course additionally walks students through approaches to researching drug abuse and what psychologists can do with the findings. Entry-level psychology courses are prerequisites for this course.