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College Life

6 Residence Hall Tips for Incoming Freshmen

So you're on campus for your freshman year of college ... What do you need to know to make the most of living in a residence hall for the first time? Whether you're a first-timer to living with a roommate or you're not familiar with the campus around you, there are things to keep in mind to make sure your first year goes smoothly.

Here are six freshman tips for residence hall living.

Pack Smartly

You can always bring more belongings throughout the school year.


Living with another person can be a brand-new experience for many first-time college students. Get to know your roommate and establish each others needs to create the most harmonious living situation. Communicating effectively and respectively with your roommate will help enhance your overall residence hall experience and friendship.

Go Out & About

Don't restrict yourself to your residence hall room during free-time hours. Go to athletics events, attend club meetings and have meals with your neighbors—introduce yourself to your new classmates. Memories and lifelong friendships are made outside the walls of your comfort zone.

Always Pack ID

When living on campus, your student ID is your source of money and building access—keep it somewhere accessible and secure. If you lose your ID card, just know that it's a $20 fee to replace your old one.

Map Your Classes ... Remember classes will change come next semester

Once you've moved in (or maybe even on a campus visit), take time to find the buildings and rooms for all of your classes. If you’re unsure of the location of a classroom, don’t be afraid to ask an upperclassman or a staff member. This will help you to be on time and prepared once classes kick off.

Prioritize Your Schedule

Once classes begin, your free time will be important for getting the full college experience. Learn to prioritize your schedule and know what matters most to you when it comes to student events and activities. Use your time wisely to maximize your academic and social experience on campus.