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5 Tips for Surviving College Finals Week

Finals week is often busy and jam-packed for college students.

Follow these five tips to make your finals week manageable!

Eat Well

Even though your finals week may be busy, make sure you remember to eat! Our Res Hall Gourmet videos provide simple and quick recipes you can make in your residential hall kitchen or room. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water while prepping for exams to help you stay hydrated and maintain a high level of cognitive function and energy.

Use Campus Resources

SDSU provides helpful study resources and pick-me-ups during finals week. For example, dogs visit students in the University Student Union for a stress-relief activity, and yes—you can pet them! Hilton M. Briggs Library also provides snacks, coffee and study rooms available for a check out for those who like to stay up late and get studying done, whether alone or in a group. Reserve your room here.

Get Your Rest

Staying up all night and sipping on an energy drink while getting some studying time in might sound like a good idea, but sacrificing a good night sleep could actually do more harm than good. Be sure to get six to eight hours of sleep on a regular basis. This will help you relieve stress and focus better during exams.

Stay Organized

It is always important to manage your time, but especially during finals week! You do not want to miss a meeting with your academic advisor, or worse miss a scheduled final exam outside of your regular class time. Write down on sticky notes or in your planner all of the important dates and things you have to do during that week. To find your finals week exam schedule, visit MyState.SDState.edu.

Pace Yourself

Instead of pulling an all-nighter the day before your exam, try to start early as possible. Use study guides your professor may provide you, or make your own. Try to take a practice test or ask your friend to quiz you on the important exam material. Dividing study time could also help you focus and retain the information better.