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5 Potentially Lucrative Degree Options in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

When it comes time to select an official major to carry you through to graduation and that degree in hand, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at South Dakota State University (SDState) offers a diverse set of programs from which to choose.

Here are five potentially lucrative degree paths you could embark upon in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


If you're prone to number-crunching or have an interest in tracking how the national and global economies are faring, you may have a penchant for financial analysis. It's a field that can be entered via a bachelor's in economics, for example, that is offered by SDState's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It can help open up doors for you in the banking world and in performing government policy work here in South Dakota or at the federal level.

The National Outlook*: $56,565 (Entry-Level Median)


A surefire sign of a future architecture major is someone who sees the beauty in the world around them. So if you're the likeliest person in your friend group to Instagram a really cool arch in an old building (or you knew your way around a Lego set in your youth), you might be predisposed to a career in architecture. SDState's bachelor's in architecture can offer rewarding future careers, such as urban and commercial development, public works or eco-friendly building design.

The National Outlook*: $50,051 (Entry-Level Median)

Music Entrepreneurship

If your music collection knows no bounds (whether it's digital, CD or throwback vinyl), you may have a strong interest in the business side of music. SDState's bachelor's in music (with an entrepreneurship specialization) offered through the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences can give graduates the tools they need to explore jobs in sales, production and publishing—the behind-the-music career path you've been craving since the first time you heard your favorite album.

The National Outlook*: $49,580 (Entry-Level Median)

Political Science

If you're a big consumer of news—particularly news coming out of your state's capital; Washington, D.C.; or otherwise—you may be a political news junkie. As such, a degree pathway toward political science might be a solid academic option for you. SDState's political science bachelor's degree can set you up for opportunities in nonprofit agencies, political campaigns and advocacy and consulting firms, all of which can serve as a stepping stone to law school, as well.

The National Outlook*: $48,915 (Entry-Level Median) 

Modern Language Interpretation

If a particular culture or language struck a chord with you in high school, it might be something worth exploring once you reach the collegiate level. Whether it's German, Spanish or any other major world language, serving as an interpreter or translator in business, educational or government settings can be a strong career opportunity.

The National Outlook*: $38,901 (Entry-Level Median)

*Source: Payscale.com