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5 One- or Two-Credit Courses to Add to Your Fall Class Schedule

Each semester, you will likely fill your schedule with courses required for your major, as well as electives and general requirements. However, sometimes there are schedule gaps that can be effectively filled with helpful one- or two-credit courses. Many of these can go toward general requirements or electives as part of your SDState degree program.

Check out these courses that allow you to meet major requirements and fill smaller gaps in your schedule.

UC 143: Master Lifetime Learning Skills

Need help transitioning into the independence that comes with adulthood? This two-credit class enhances learning in a college environment and throughout life. Topics include organizational and time-management skills, strategies to improve learning, a recognition of learning styles and creating positive learning environments.

AVIA 101: Introduction to General Aviation

Are you interested in aviation but not ready to commit to the major just yet? This one-credit course could be a good fit for those expressing general interest in aviation. Discover multiple career opportunities, and get to know the role aviation education holds in support of the nation's commercial and industrial air transportation.

HLTH 250: Pre-Professional First Aid & CPR

Interested in obtaining your CPR certification? This two-credit course provides essential knowledge and skills needed to develop functional first aid or CPR capabilities required by basic first responders, including nurses, teachers, athletic trainers and other special-interest groups.

PE 100: Various Activities

Need a break from the traditional lecture-style class? These one-credit physical education courses offer more than 10 sections of activities—from yoga to dodgeball. For just one credit, it’s a great opportunity to keep up with physical fitness.

CA 110: Individual Financial Literacy

Need help learning how to adult and be wise with your money? Check out this one-credit consumer affairs course, which covers topics including banking, budgeting and managing financial statements.